photo credit Chad Neufeld

Hi, I'm Kimber.

I'm one part mountain woman, one part girly-girl, a dash bohemian, and I'm totally smitten with photography.

I hope you're here because, like me, you're interested in honest photographs that capture something unique and unapologetically real: the art of the human spirit. No fake smiles, phony plastic props, or over-posed photos here. Don't get me wrong, I'm terribly agreeable and I can do that too, but I believe that your heart looks best worn on your sleeve and that you, your family, your friends and relatives are smashing just the way they are.

As a graduate of the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, I strive to make images that celebrate life and capture moments so achingly beautiful they will make your heart break like an egg. Whether we're shooting on the top of a ski slope, at the bottom of a pool, or just at the park, I want to make images that tell your story and that will be something you and your family members will treasure for years to come.

I currently reside in Oakland, Calif. with my lovably adventurous husband, Nate. I am available for shoots in the Bay Area and beyond. What I'm getting at here is, I'm not afraid to travel the world so don't be afraid to ask.